Photography is my passion. I love creating one of a kind images of precious memories. I love capturing those special and natural moments but also help to style photographs to give you those wow photos you always wanted. 

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Garden route wedding photographer

Wedding photography Cape town Moody
Moody wedding – Garden route wedding photographer

Cape Town based wedding photographer, I love doing moody yet romantic styled wedding photography. This photo was taken in Cape town CBD because the couple wanted something different than the normal wine lands scene.  Cape Town is an amazing setting no matter where you go, therefore amazing shots are guaranteed. Garden route wedding photographer, find what makes your wedding so special. 

Wedding photography Cape town Moody
Moody wedding photography Cape town – Stellenbosch.

Stellenbosch wedding photography is so romantic, but we capture not only the romantic but the fun of the day too.Garden route wedding photographer

I give my clients an affordable and reliable service. Professional and affordability normally do not go together, however, with Simply Art Photography’s affordable packages, you will have the best of both worlds. Garden route wedding photographer

I am based in Garden Route – South Africa.

Cape Town is a vibrant city with amazing settings, from wooded areas, amazing beaches and creative city settings. This is why Cape town is so amazing.  I am also based in the Garden Route, one of the prettiest areas of South Africa. The garden route’s name says it all – greenery, forests, beaches, and wildlife makes the garden route amazing. 

I offer very affordable wedding photography for both Cape Town and the garden route. My photography is different because I love creating something new and unique with a moody style to it. Modern Look is moody or also known as dark photography. 

This moody and modern style gives a romantic and intimate look.

Facts about wedding photography

Well known fact that wedding photography is not an easy job – you have to wear many hats. That includes wedding photographer, food photographer, stylist, event photographer, and product photographer – to capture the whole wedding day. I see wedding photography as an art form, and giving a new life to so-called ” boring moments”.Garden route wedding photographer.

Modern moody style wedding photography 

What it is, and why it’s so difficult to master.

My creative moody wedding photography style makes it easy and fun to bring new life to any moment. The style is made to give a feeling of depth, emotion, and drama. What weddings are all about, more and more photographers are moving to this style as the trend is at its hight. However, not many photographers can do this style with fitness, as it is very technical and not easy to master. This style takes a lot of practice, and a trained eye is needed.  Therefore if you are looking into this style ( as it is the most popular photography trend in 2019) you have to look carefully that your photographer has enough experience to make your photo dreams come true.

2019/2020 wedding photography trend. 

2019 and 2020 wedding photography trend is most definitely the modern moody style wedding photography. This is because the influences of Instagram and Pinterest have been flooded with this modern style – and brides cannot seem to get enough. Yet there are not many photographers offering this, and the capture style also needs to change not just editing of images. So this again is key for you to make sure your photographer is experienced in what he/she is doing before you end up in tears.